PVG Scheme

What is the PVG Scheme?

The PVG scheme is a vital safeguarding measure designed to protect vulnerable groups, such as children and vulnerable adults. The PVG scheme ensures that eligible individuals working in positions of trust do not pose a risk to these vulnerable groups.

Why do you need a PVG Check?

A PVG check is suitable for certain roles for work done in Scotland. Many roles within organisations, especially those involving direct contact with vulnerable individuals, are eligible to legally obtain PVG checks.

The PVG scheme helps prevent harm to vulnerable individuals by excluding certain people who are unsuitable to work with vulnerable groups from doing so, reducing the potential risk of harm.

PVG Eligibility

Scottish Disclosures provides a free PVG Eligibility checker to help individuals and organisations determine whether or not a role requires a PVG check by answering 5 simple questions. This tool is built upon guidance from Disclosure Scotland on the eligibility of PVG applications. This doesn't cover every possible use of PVG.

Get a PVG check

Scottish Disclosures streamlines the PVG check process for both individuals or organisations. If you require PVG check processing or expert guidance on navigating the PVG process, do not hesitate to contact us at info@scottish-disclosures.co.uk.

For any PVG needs, Scottish Disclosures is your trusted partner.